Meet the Henchmen

hench·man | /ˈhen(t)SHmən/ | noun
a trusted follower : a right-hand man
— Merriam-Webster


We opened the Henchmen House Barbershop in the heart of the Creston Neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan. #CrestonVibes

We were driven by a simple concept: to create a space that has good conversations, great service, camaraderie,
and fresh ass cuts.


Tommy Rodriguez, Owner & Licensed Barber


Ryan Martinez, Licensed Barber


Dom Longobardo, Licensed Barber

About the Team

Tommy Rodriguez
Tommy is a barber in Grand Rapids, MI who has been cutting hair for friends & family for several years that decided to leave the hospitality field and venture into barbering professionally. Tommy graduated from West Michigan College of Barbering and Beauty and is licensed by the State of Michigan.

Upon graduating, Tommy realized he wanted to bridge the gap between his hospitality knowledge and experience with barbering. From there, the Henchmen House concept was born.

Ryan Martinez
Ryan has been fascinated with barbering since he was a young kid. His grandma had 6 brothers and she was the only daughter. She took it upon herself to learn how to cut men’s hair and became all of her brothers’ personal barber. Many years later she then became Ryan’s & inspired him to cut men’s hair, as well. 

Ryan graduated from Lansing Barber College in 2017. Since then, he has worked in traditional barber shop & salon settings where he furthered his knowledge in the art of cutting hair. His hobbies include anything nature, art or music related.

Dom Longbardo

Dom, an Air Force Veteran, recently made the move from Denver, Colorado to slow the pace down a bit and switch from mountain life to lake life while doing one of his favorite things, cutting hair, and putting smiles on faces.